William Stucke

William Stucke is an old hand in the ICT space.  He programmed his first computer in 1972, got his honours degree in Engineering in London in 1983, and suddenly found himself in telecommunications. He moved to RSA in 1984, built the first fibre optic Ethernet network in an underground mine in 1986, and automated two underground diamond mines, as well as some surface works.

In 1996 he decided to try out the newly arrived Internet and started an ISP with a couple of partners, as well as a few funders. They achieved a round dozen “firsts” in the ISP field in RSA, including operating the first Harvest and Squid proxy caches in the country, and graphing traffic (and other stuff) with MRTG.

He soon became aware of the very non-level playing field and became a campaigner for telecommunications liberalisation in RSA and in Africa generally. This led to him being invited to Accra by the ATU to speak on “What it means to be a Independent Regulator” in 2001. In the same year, he co-founded AfrISPA and was the Chair until 2010.

The next logical step was to become an ICASA Councillor, and fight the good fight from inside. He spent 5 years doing his “national service” at ICASA and left in late 2014, having achieved much less than he had hoped, but more than was expected.

Currently, he is an independent ICT consultant and an expert in spectrum matters. His brief CV can be found here: .

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